What is OceanBase Database

    OceanBase Database is a native distributed relational database. It is developed entirely by Ant Group. OceanBase Database is built on a common server cluster. Based on the Paxos protocol and its distributed structure, OceanBase Database provides high availability and linear scalability. OceanBase Database is not dependent on specific hardware architectures.

    Core features

    • Scalable OLTP
      • Linear scalability by adding nodes to the cluster
      • Partition-level leader distribution and transparent data shuffling
      • Optimized performance for distributed transaction through "table group" technology
      • High concurrency updates on hot row through early lock release (ELR)
      • 80000+ connections per node and unlimited connections in one instance through multi threads and coroutines
      • Prevent silent data corruption (SDC) through multidimensional data consistency checksum
      • No.1 in TPC-C benchmark with 707 million tpmC
    • Operational OLAP
      • Process analytical tasks in one engine, no need to migrate data to OLAP engine
      • Analyze large amounts of data on multiple nodes in one OceanBase cluster with MPP architecture
      • Advanced SQL engine with CBO optimizer, distributed execution scheduler and global index
      • Fast data loading through parallel DML, and with only 50% storage cost under compression
      • Broke world record with 15.26 million QphH in TPC-H 30TB benchmark in 2021
    • Multi-tenant
      • Create multiple tenants (instances) in one OceanBase cluster with isolated resource and access
      • Multidimensional and transparently scale up/out for each tenant, and scaling up takes effect immediately
      • Database consolidation: multi-tenant and flexible scaling can achieve resource pooling and improve utilization
      • Improve management efficiency and reduce costs without compromising performance and availability

    Quick start

    See Quick start to try out OceanBase Database.

    System architecture




    Link: 4.0.0 function list

    Case study

    For our success stories, see Success stories.


    Your contributions to our code will be highly appreciated. For details about how to contribute to OceanBase, see Contribute to OceanBase.


    OceanBase Database is under MulanPubL - 2.0 license. You can freely copy and use the source code. When you modify or distribute the source code, please follow the MulanPubL - 2.0 license.



    OceanBase is an enterprise distributed relational database with high availability, high performance, horizontal scalability, and compatibility with SQL standards.

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