OBAgent is a monitor collection framework. OBAgent supplies pull and push mode data collection to meet different applications. By default, OBAgent supports these plugins: server data collection, OceanBase Database metrics collection, monitor data processing, and the HTTP service for Prometheus Protocol. To support data collection for other data sources, or customized data flow processes, you only need to develop plugins.


    OBAgent is under MulanPSL - 2.0 license. You can freely copy and use the source code. When you modify or distribute the source code, please obey the MulanPSL - 2.0 license.


    See OBAgent Document.

    How to get


    To build OBAgent, make sure that your Go version is 1.14 or above.

    From RPM package

    OBAgent supplies RPM package. You can download it from the Release page and install it by using this command:

    rpm -ivh obagent-1.0.0-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

    From source code

    Debug mode

    make build // make build is debug mode by default
    make build-debug

    Release mode

    make build-release

    How to develop

    You can develop plugins for OBAgent. For more information, see Develop plugins for OBAgent.


    Contributions are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. Here are a few ways you can contribute:


    In case you have any problems when using OBAgent, welcome to reach out for help:


    A client can monitor OceanBase

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