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    This project provides the source files of the installation guide, tutorials, and other documents, as well as API configurations on the MindSpore official website


    You are welcome to contribute documents. If you want to contribute documents, read the Please comply with the document writing specifications, and submit documents according to the process rules. After the documents are approved, the changes will be displayed in the document project and on the official website.

    If you have any comments or suggestions on the documents, submit them in Issues.

    Directory Structure Description

    ├───api // Configuration files for API generation.
    ├───docs // Technical documents about architecture, network list, operator list, and so on.
    ├───install // Installation guide.
    ├───resource // Resource-related documents.
    ├───tutorials // Tutorial-related documents.
    └─── // Docs repository description.

    Document Construction

    MindSpore tutorials and API documents can be generated by Sphinx. The following uses the API document as an example to describe the procedure, and ensure that MindSpore, MindInsight and MindArmour have been installed.

    1. Download code of the MindSpore Docs repository.
      git clone
    2. Go to the api directory and install the dependency items in the requirements.txt file.
      cd docs/api
      pip install -r requirements.txt
    3. Run the following command in the api directory to create the build_zh_cn/html directory that stores the generated document web page. You can open build_zh_cn/html/index.html to view the API document.
      make html

      If you only need to generate the MindSpore API, please modify the source_zh_cn/ file, comment the import mindinsight and import mindarmour statements, and then perform this step.



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