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    Goku API Gateway is a Golang-based microservice gateway that enables high-performance dynamic routing,service orchestration, multi-tenancy management, API access control, etc. It's also suitable for API management under micro-service system.

    Goku provides graphic interface and plug-in system to make configuration easier and expand more convenient.

    Summary / 中文介绍

    Why Goku

    Goku API Gateway is a microservice gateway that runs on the boundaries of enterprise system services. When you build websites, apps, IOT, and even API transactions, Goku API Gateway can help you extract duplicate components from your internal system and place them on the Goku gateway, such as user authorization, access control, traffic monitoring, firewalls, data cache, data conversion and so on.

    Goku API Gateway CE provides comprehensive usage guide and customization guide. Goku is written in pure Go language, with good performance and scalability, and the built-in plug-in system enables enterprises to customize development for their own business.

    Goku API Gateway also can combine with EOLINK API Studio to enhance API Management,API Monitor and Automated test.

    All in all, Goku API Gateway enables enterprise to focus on their business.

    Stargazers over time

    Product Features

    • Dashboard: Built-in dashboard to configure Goku.
    • Cluster Management:Goku nodes are stateless and can be expanded horizontally. Also the configuration can be synchronized automatically.
    • Hot Updates: Continuously updates configurations without restart nodes.
    • Orchestration:Orchestration can correspond to multiple backends. The backend input parameter supports the client incoming, and also supports the parameter transfer between backend. The return data of backend supports filter, delete, move, rename, target and group. API can set the exception return when the orchestration call fails.
    • Data transform :Support for converting returned data to JSON or XML.
    • Load balancing: Round-robin load balancing with weight.
    • Service Discovery: Service discorvery from Consul or Eureka.
    • HTTP(S) Forward Proxy: Hide real backend services, support Rest API, Webservice.
    • Multi-tenant management: According to different strategies to regnorize different users.
    • Strategies: Support different strategies to access different APIs, configure different authentication (anonymous, Apikey, Basic) and so on.
    • API Alert: Support the webhook and email to alert abnormal services.
    • Flexible transmit rules: support fuzzy matching request path, support rewriting transmit path, etc.
    • IP Whitelist/Blacklist
    • Custom plugins: Allow plugins to be mounted in common phases, such as before match, access, and proxy.
    • CLI: Start\stop\reload Goku through the command line.
    • Serverless: Invoke functions in each phase in Goku.
    • Access Log:Only record the basic content in proxy, customize the record fields and sort order, and automatically clean up the logs periodically.
    • System Log:Provide running logs of consoles and nodes,only record the error information, adjust the level to INFO, WARN or DEBUG according to the actual situation.
    • Scalability: plug-in mechanism is easy to extend.
    • High performance: Performance excels among many gateways.
    • Open API:Provide OPEN API for users to operate on the gateway for easy integration.
    • Configured version management : Support for the release of operations and multiple rollbacks.
    • Monitoring and indicators: Support for Prometheus, Graphite.


    Benchmark Detail

    Console Preview

    Console Preview Detail

    Quick Start

    Enterprise Support

    Goku API Gateway EE (Enterprise Version) has more powerful functions, plug-in libraries and professional technical support services. If you want to know more details, you can contact us in the following ways.

    About Us

    EOLINK is a leading API management service provider, providing professional API research and development management, API automated test service, API monitor service, API gateway and other services for more than 3000 enterprises worldwide. It is the first enterprise to formulate API R&D management industry norms for ITSS.

    Official website : Free download of PC client :


    Copyright 2017-2019 Eolink Inc.
    Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 (the "License");
    you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
    You may obtain a copy of the License at
    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
    See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


    A Powerful HTTP API Gateway in pure golang!Goku API Gateway (中文名:悟空 API 网关)是一个基于 Golang开发的微服务网关,能够实现高性能 HTTP API 转发、服务编排、多租户管理、API 访问权限控制等目的,拥有强大的自定义插件系统可以自行扩展,并且提供友好的图形化配置界面,能够快速帮助企业进行 API 服务治理、提高 API 服务的稳定性和安全性。

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