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    SkyAPM PHP is the PHP instrumentation agent, which is compatible with Apache SkyWalking backend and others compatible agents/SDKs


    Docker image

    Go to Docker hub ->

    docker run -d -e SW_OAP_ADDRESS= skywalking-php

    Live Demo

    Host in Beijing. Go to demo.

    • Username: admin
    • Password: admin

    Video on

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    Support List

    1. CURL
    2. PDO
    3. Mysqli
    4. Yar Client (Yar)
    5. GRPC Client (GRPC)
    6. Predis Client (Predis)
    7. Redis Extension (Redis Extension)
    8. Memcache Extension

    Contact Us

    • Submit an issue
    • Mail list: Mail to, follow the reply to subscribe the mail list.
    • Join #skywalking channel at Apache Slack
    • QQ Group: 392443393(2000/2000, not available), 901167865(available)


    Apache 2.0

    Stargazers over time

    Stargazers over time


    The PHP instrument agent for Apache SkyWalking



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    • C++ 78.6 %
    • C 7.2 %
    • PHP 6.3 %
    • M4 5.2 %
    • Dockerfile 1.9 %