Libvirt test provider for virt-test

    This is the official test provider [1] for the following subtest types:

    • Libvirt
    • LVSB
    • V2V
    • Libguestfs

    Really quick start guide

    1. Fork this repo on github

    2. Create a new topic branch for your work

    3. Create a new test provider file in your virt test repo, like:

      cp io-github-autotest-libvirt.ini myprovider.ini
      uri: file:///home/foo/Code/tp-libvirt
      subdir: libvirt/
      subdir: libguestfs/
      subdir: lvsb/
      subdir: v2v/

      You can optionally delete temporarily the io-github-autotest-qemu.ini file, just so you don't have test conflicts. Then you can develop your new test code, run it using virt test, and commit your changes.

    4. Make sure you have inspektor installed.

    5. Run:

      inspekt checkall --disable-style E501,E265,W601,E402,E722,E741 --no-license-check <test_script_name>.py
    6. Ensure <> are met

    7. Fix any problems

    8. Push your changes and submit a pull request

    9. That's it.

    [1] You can always create your own test provider, if you have special purposes, or just want to develop your work independently.


    Libvirt test provider for virtualization test. It contains a lot of test cases related to such as libvirt/libguestfs.



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