syscontainer-tools is a fully customized tool, it is a small auxiliary tool which is expected to work with isulad with hook support, and provides enhanced functions which is inappropriate to be included in isulad itself.

    The project includes two main parts: syscontainer-tools and hooks. syscontainer-tools is used for dynamically operating on running containers, and hooks is used for executing user defined program at some special timepoint of container's lifecycle.


    We provide syscontainer hooks function.

    • syscontainer-hooks:
    1. insert block devices added by syscontainer-tools into container when container restarts(prestart state).
    2. insert network interfaces and route rules added by syscontainer-tools into container when container restarts(prestart state).
    3. remove udev rules and leaking network interfaces when container stops(post-stop state).
    4. handling oci relabel for container in prestart and post stop state.

    You could use hook spec to customise your hooks. For detailed information, See introduction of syscontainer-hooks


    Basic usage of syscontainer-tools:

       syscontainer-tools - Enhanced tools for IT isulad
       syscontainer-tools [global options] command [command options] [arguments...]
    commit: e39c47b1d0403fd133c49db13ab6df7e5d53a21b
        add-device          add one or more host devices to container
        add-nic             create a new network interfaces for container
        add-path            add one or more host paths to container
        add-route           add a new network route rule into container
        relabel             relabel rootfs for running SELinux in system container
        remove-device       remove one or more devices from container
        remove-nic          remove a network interface from container
        remove-path         remove one or more paths from container
        remove-route        remove a network route rule from container
       --debug                              enable debug output for logging
       --log "/dev/null"                    set the log file path where internal debug information is written
       --log-format "text"                  set the format used by logs ('text' (default), or 'json')
       --syslog-service "unix:///dev/log"   set syslog service
       --help, -h                           show help
       --version, -v                        print the version

    For usage of each command, you can check with --help, e.g. syscontainer-tools add-device --help


    As this is a fully customized tool, I don't think anyone will be interested in contributing to this project, but we welcome your contributions. Before contributing, please make sure you understand our needs and make a communication with us:


    A syscontainer tool work with isulad with hook support and provides enhanced functions.



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