Generic Keyboard Teleop for ROS



    rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard

    With custom values.

    rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard _speed:=0.9 _turn:=0.8

    Publishing to a different topic (in this case my_cmd_vel).

    rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard cmd_vel:=my_cmd_vel


    Reading from the keyboard  and Publishing to Twist!
    Moving around:
       u    i    o
       j    k    l
       m    ,    .
    For Holonomic mode (strafing), hold down the shift key:
       U    I    O
       J    K    L
       M    <    >
    t : up (+z)
    b : down (-z)
    anything else : stop
    q/z : increase/decrease max speeds by 10%
    w/x : increase/decrease only linear speed by 10%
    e/c : increase/decrease only angular speed by 10%
    CTRL-C to quit

    Repeat Rate

    If your mobile base requires constant updates on the cmd_vel topic, teleop_twist_keyboard can be configured to repeat the last command at a fixed interval, using the repeat_rate private parameter.

    For example, to repeat the last command at 10Hz:

    rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard _repeat_rate:=10.0

    It is highly recommened that the repeat rate be used in conjunction with the key timeout, to prevent runaway robots.

    Key Timeout

    Teleop_twist_keyboard can be configured to stop your robot if it does not receive any key presses in a configured time period, using the key_timeout private parameter.

    For example, to stop your robot if a keypress has not been received in 0.6 seconds:

    rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard _key_timeout:=0.6

    It is recommended that you set key_timeout higher than the initial key repeat delay on your system (This delay is 0.5 seconds by default on Ubuntu, but can be adjusted).


    Generic Keyboard Teleop for ROS

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