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      obs-filters: Use int sliders for opacity · 0800c8cb
      jp9000 鎻愪氦浜
      This changes all opacity scrollers for filters to sliders + scrollers.
      Reference: obsproject/obs-studio#1827
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      obs-filters: Fix opacity on image mask/blend filter · 71f9900e
      jp9000 鎻愪氦浜
      The alpha value from the opacity slider was being overwritten.
      Closes obsproject/obs-studio#1827
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      Merge pull request #1846 from jpark37/rgb-limited · 6f23c1ca
      Jim 鎻愪氦浜
      Support limited color range for RGB/Y800 sources
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      libobs: Support limited color range for RGB/Y800 sources · a86710ec
      James Park 鎻愪氦浜
      libobs: Add support for limited to full color range conversions when
      using RGB or Y800 formats, and move RGB converison for Y800 formats to
      the GPU.
      decklink: Stop hiding color space/range properties for RGB formats, and
      remove "YUV" from "YUV Color Space" and "YUV Color Range".
      win-dshow: Remove "YUV" from "YUV Color Space" and "YUV Color Range".
      UI: Remove "YUV" from "YUV Color Space" and "YUV Color Range".
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      decklink, win-dshow: Use obs_source_output_video2 · 7d136c3c
      jp9000 鎻愪氦浜
      Allows the ability to override and use partial range RGB with the
      DirectShow and Decklink device sources when partial range RGB is
      implemented.  Fixes certain cases where devices could capture RGB in
      limited range via HDMI (per the HDMI specs).
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      libobs: Add better default source color range handling · 8d125dc0
      jp9000 鎻愪氦浜
      Fixes handling of the `obs_source_frame::full_range` member variable,
      which is often set to false by default by many plugins even when using
      RGB, which would cause RGB to be marked as "partial range".  This change
      is crucial for when partial range RBG support is implemented.
      Adds `obs_source_frame2` structure that replaces the `full_range` member
      variable with a `range` variable, which uses the `video_range_type` enum
      to allow handling default range values.  This member variable treats
      VIDEO_RANGE_DEFAULT as full range if the format is RGB, and partial
      range if the format is YUV.
      Also adds `obs_source_output_video2` and `obs_source_preload_video2`
      functions which use the `obs_source_frame2` structure instead of the
      `obs_source_frame` structure.
      When using the original `obs_source_frame`, `obs_source_output_video`,
      and `obs_source_preload_video` functions, RGB will always be full range
      by default for backward compatibility purposes.
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