Scoop bucket for Nerd Fonts

    This repo contains manifests for installing Nerd Fonts and various other fonts using the scoop package manager for Windows.

    To add this bucket:

    scoop bucket add nerd-fonts

    Note: Admin rights are required to install these fonts for Windows version before Windows 10 1809, because their installers modify the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry. Additionally, restarting your computer after uninstalling a font is necessary for the font to be fully removed.

    Generating font manifests

    Execute bin/generate-manifests.ps1 with Powershell 3.0+ to regenerate a subset of the manifests in this repository from the template (within the same file).

    Over time this repo has accumulated a variety of fonts, not all of which are nerd fonts. The manifest generation is specifically for nerd fonts!

    Notable changes

    The regular CascadiaCode (not NF) font manifests were consolidated into a single manifest. This was done because the Cascadia Code official releases prior to 2004.30 had the ttf fonts attached separately, so they had different download urls. From version 2004.30 onward, the fonts are bundled in a zip file.

    Maintainer Notes

    This command will upgrade all the manifests that prevents error 429 from github's api. Run it from the bin dir:

    gci ..\bucket\ | Select-Object -ExpandProperty BaseName | %{ .\checkver.ps1 -u $_; Start-Sleep 1 }


    A scoop bucket for installing nerd fonts

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