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      Fix comment in some modules · bdd2e7e2
      chihaso 提交于
      - It says that the option is added to devise_for, but it is actually added to the devise method in the model.
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      Merge pull request #5369 from heartcombo/ca-lockable-reset-attempts · 5d5636f0
      Carlos Antonio da Silva 提交于
      Create a model hook around the lockable warden hook to reset attempts
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      Create a model hook around the lockable warden hook to reset attempts · a3ae35e9
      Carlos Antonio da Silva 提交于
      Resetting failed attempts after sign in happened inside a warden hook
      specific for the lockable module, but that was hidden inside the hook
      implementation and didn't allow any user customization.
      One such customization needed for example is to direct these updates to
      a write DB when using a multi-DB setup. With the logic hidden in the
      warden hook this wasn't possible, now that it's exposed in a model
      method much like trackable, we can override the model method to wrap it
      in a connection switch block for example, point to a write DB, and
      simply call `super`.
      Closes #5310
      Related to #5264 and #5133
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      Lock bundler to 2.2.9 instead of latest · 1ba53dc3
      Carlos Antonio da Silva 提交于
      2.2.10 is causing the dependency resolution on Rails 6-0-stable to fail:
        Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "railties":
          In Gemfile-rails-6-0:
            devise was resolved to 4.7.3, which depends on
              railties (>= 4.1.0)
            rails was resolved to, which depends on
              railties (=
            responders (~> 3.0) was resolved to 3.0.1, which depends on
              railties (>= 5.0)
        Took  27.49 seconds
      The `railties` version should work, given the other two are
      using >= declarations, but it fails in 2.2.10.
      Downgrading to 2.2.9 works.
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      Use the 6-0-stable version of Rails to fix issue with JSON responses · faef12cf
      Carlos Antonio da Silva 提交于
      The test suite was failing on Rails 6.0 + Ruby 3 with errors like:
          Expected "{\"errors\":\"#<ActiveModel::Errors:0x000055f2e6cb8188>\"}"
          to include "{\"errors\":{".
      The ActiveModel::Errors object wasn't being serialized to JSON as
      expected, and this only happened with that combination of Ruby/Rails.
      Upon further investigation, this was caused by a change in Ruby and
      fixed in Rails in this PR: https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/39697
      (which describes in more details the exact same problem and links to the
      Ruby bug tracker with more information).
      That fix was backported to 6-0-stable in June 2020, but hasn't been
      officially released in a stable version yet: (there have been only
      security fixes since then for 6.0)
      Since the branch contains the fix, I'm pointing directly to it to get
      the tests passing. We can't tell if there'll be a new stable 6.0 release
      at this point, but hopefully yes, in which case we can go back at
      pointing to it.
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      Bundle update · c82a381f
      Carlos Antonio da Silva 提交于
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      Replace XML with JSON serialization across the test suite · a793472a
      Carlos Antonio da Silva 提交于
      This allows us to remove the dependency on the XML serializer provided
      by the external `activemodel-serializers-xml` gem, and eliminates the
      following deprecation warning:
          DEPRECATION WARNING: ActiveModel::Errors#to_xml is deprecated and
          will be removed in Rails 6.2.
      Please note: this does not mean Devise doesn't support XML, it simply
      means our test suite will use JSON to test non-navigatable formats
      instead of XML, for simplicity. Devise's job is not to test object
      serialization, so as long as your objects properly serialize to
      XML/JSON/any other format, it should work out of the box.
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      Test on Ruby 3+ with Rails 6+ · ad91686b
      Carlos Antonio da Silva 提交于
      And remove dupe entry in the exclude matrix.
      In order to get Ruby 3 working we needed to install `rexml` as part of
      the test dependencies, only done on the main Gemfile (Rails 6.1) and the
      6.0 versions. (which are the only ones supported by Ruby 3.)
      Devise itself doesn't require `rexml` as it does nothing with it, but a
      dependency we use during tests seem to require it. I was able to track
      it down to omniauth-openid -> rack-openid -> ruby-openid requiring it:
      So while we have tests using omniauth-openid, we'll need this require in
      place as well. Ideally that upstream version of ruby-openid should have
      it, but it seems that one isn't updated in a while.
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