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      Breaking / Potentially breaking changes: · c0dc85de
      Michael Dowling 提交于
          1. Adopting a marker interface for Guzzle exceptions.
              A. All exceptions emitted from Guzzle are now wrapped with a Guzzle namespaced exception.
              B. Guzzle\Common\GuzzleExceptionInterface was renamed to Guzzle\Common\GuzzleException
              C. Guzzle\Common\ExceptionCollection was renamed to Guzzle\Common\Exception\ExceptionCollection
          2. Using Header objects for Request and Response objects
              A. When you call $request->getHeader('X'), you will get back a Guzzle\Http\Message\Header object that contains all of the headers that case insensitively match.  This object can be cast to a string or iterated like an array.  You can pass true in the second argument to retrieve the header as a string.
              B. Removing the old Guzzle\Common\Collection based searching arguments from most of the request and response header methods.  All retrievals are case-insensitive and return Header objects.
          3. Changing the two headers added by the cache plugin to just one header with key and ttl.
          4. Changing Guzzle\Http\Message\Response::factory() to fromMessage().
          5. Removing the NullObject return value from ServiceDescriptions and instead simply returning null
      New Features / enhancements:
          1. Adding Guzzle\Http\Message\AbstractMessage::addHeaders()
          2. Making it simpler to create service descriptions using a unified factory method that delegates to other factories.
          3. Better handling of ports and hosts in Guzzle\Http\Url
      Note: This is a noisy diff because I'm removing trailing whitespace and adding a new line at the end of each source file.
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      Guzzle 2.0 · 4c46e770
      Michael Dowling 提交于
      Adopting composer for dependency management
      Updating LICENSE, travis build file, making better use of git ignores, and remove unused build target
      Removing @author tags.  Use the commit history for a changelog.
      Moving files from build folder to /
      Adding min build target to product a Guzzle only phar with no autoloader
      [Common] Accepting ZF1 or ZF2 cache in ZendCacheAdapter
      [Common] Optimizing Stream wrapper and EntityBody abstractions.
      [Common] [Http] Migrating from Guzzle event system to the Symfony2 event dispatcher
      [Common] Moved Inflector and Inspector to Service namespace
      [Http] Simplifying Guzzle\Guzzle curl detection
      [Http] Removing Guzzle\Http\Pool and now using Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti
      [Http] The helper methods from Guzzle\Http\Message\RequestFactory have been removed to prevent confusion and encourage developers to use Guzzle\Http\Client to create requests.
      [Http] Clients can now send one or more requests in an array using the send() method, so the batch() method was removed.
      [Http] Updating curl multi to allow blocking calls while sending other transfers
      [Http] Making the Request::hasHeader method more intuitive.  Guzzle\Http\Message\AbstractMessage::hasHeader() now returns true if the header is found using exact matching.  If the header is found using a regex or case-insensitive match, then it will return the name of the found header.
      [Http] Removing content-type guessing from EntityBody based on file extension and solely using finfo.
      [Http] Adding basic auth plugin
      [Http] Cleaning up CookieJar and CurlMulti
      [Http] Removing custom rawurlencode from QueryString because PHP 5.3 now properly deals with tilde characters.
      [Http] Minor optimization to parsing messages in RequestFactory
      [Http] Adding Guzzle\Http\Client for developers that don't need commands or service descriptions
      [Http] Making it easier to set a global User-Agent header for a Guzzle\Http\Client
      [Http] Fixing the discrepancies between the ClientInterface and Guzzle\Http\Client
      [Http] Adding the ability to set and retrieve tokenized headers from Requests and Responses
      [Service] Ditching NIH filters and using the Symfony2 validator
      [Service] Moving most service building logic to the ServiceBuilder::factory method so that it is easier to build custom config readers.
      [Service] Allowing deep nested command inheritance.
      [Service] Cleaning up Inflector caching.
      [Service] Getting rid of concept of can_batch because everything is now sent in parallel.
      [Service] Adding a JSON description builder.
      [Service] Cleaning up ResourceIteratorApplyBatched.
      [Service] Removing caching stuff from ServiceBuilder because the data being cached is extremely fast to generate.
      [Service] Added a method to serialize the ServiceDescription in case a ServiceDescription needs to be cached in an application.
      [Service] Making description builders use static methods.
      [Service] Adding support to include other description files for XML and JSON description builders.
      [Service] Adding support for filters to ApiCommands
      [Service] Using {{}} instead of $. to reference other services as a dependency for another service
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