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    Bootstrap-Flask is a collection of Jinja macros for Bootstrap 4 & 5 and Flask. It helps you to render Flask-related data and objects to Bootstrap markup HTML more easily:

    • Render Flask-WTF/WTForms form object to Bootstrap Form.
    • Render data objects (dict or class objects) to Bootstrap Table.
    • Render Flask-SQLAlchemy Pagination object to Bootstrap Pagination.
    • etc.


    $ pip install -U bootstrap-flask


    Register the extension:

    from flask import Flask
    # To follow the naming rule of Flask extension, although
    # this project's name is Bootstrap-Flask, the actual package
    # installed is named `flask_bootstrap`.
    from flask_bootstrap import Bootstrap5
    app = Flask(__name__)
    bootstrap = Bootstrap5(app)

    Assuming you have a Flask-WTF form like this:

    class LoginForm(FlaskForm):
        username = StringField('Username', validators=[DataRequired(), Length(1, 20)])
        password = PasswordField('Password', validators=[DataRequired(), Length(8, 150)])
        remember = BooleanField('Remember me')
        submit = SubmitField()

    Now with the render_form macro:

    {% from 'bootstrap5/form.html' import render_form %}
    <!-- Bootstrap CSS -->
    {{ render_form(form) }}
    <!-- Bootstrap JS -->

    You will get a form like this with only one line code (i.e. {{ render_form(form) }}):

    form rendering

    When the validation fails, the error messages will be rendered with proper style:

    error form rendering

    Read the Basic Usage docs for more details.

    Live demo

    Live demos of the latest release are:


    If you find Bootstrap-Flask useful, please consider donating today. Your donation keeps Bootstrap-Flask maintained and updated with Bootstrap.


    Notes for Bootstrap 4 & 5 support

    The Bootstrap 5 support is added in Bootstrap-Flask 2.0 version. Now you can use the separate extension class for different Bootstrap major versions.

    For Bootstrap 4, use the Bootstrap4 class:

    from flask_bootstrap import Bootstrap4
    # ...
    bootstrap = Bootstrap4(app)

    and import macros from the template path bootstrap4/:

    {% from 'bootstrap4/form.html' import render_form %}

    For Bootstrap 5, use the Bootstrap5 class:

    from flask_bootstrap import Bootstrap5
    # ...
    bootstrap = Bootstrap5(app)

    and import macros from the template path bootstrap5/:

    {% from 'bootstrap5/form.html' import render_form %}

    The Bootstrap class and bootstrap/ template path are deprecated since 2.0 and will be removed in 3.0.

    Migration from Flask-Bootstrap

    If you come from Flask-Bootstrap, check out this tutorial on how to migrate to this extension.


    For guidance on setting up a development environment and how to make a contribution to Bootstrap-Flask, see the development documentation and Flask's contributing guidelines.


    This project is licensed under the MIT License (see the LICENSE file for details). Some macros were part of Flask-Bootstrap and were modified under the terms of its BSD License.


    Bootstrap 4 & 5 helper for your Flask projects.

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