Bundletool is a tool to manipulate Android App Bundles.

    The Android App Bundle is a new format for publishing Android apps in app distribution stores such as Google Play.

    Bundletool has a few different responsibilities:

    • Build an Android App Bundle from pre-compiled modules of a project.

    • Generate an APK Set archive containing APKs for all possible devices.

    • Extract APK(s) from the APK Set compatible with a given device.

    • Install APK(s) from the APK Set compatible with a connected device.

    • Extract device spec from a device as a JSON file.

    • Add code transparency to an Android App Bundle. Code transparency is an optional code signing mechanism.

    • Verify code transparency inside an Android App Bundle, APK files or an application installed on a connected device.

    Read more about the App Bundle format and Bundletool's usage at

    Documentation of bundletool commands can be found at:


    Latest release: 1.8.2


    Bundletool is a command-line tool to manipulate Android App Bundles

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