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      releaser: Prepare repository for 0.93.0-DEV · ed04ed57
      hugoreleaser 提交于
      [ci skip]
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      releaser: Bump versions for release of 0.92.0 · b3549403
      hugoreleaser 提交于
      [ci skip]
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      releaser: Add release notes for 0.92.0 · bd89aef8
      hugoreleaser 提交于
      [ci skip]
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      docs: Regenerate docshelper · f2bc13dd
      Bjørn Erik Pedersen 提交于
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      Merge commit 'a8e9fc69' · 098254f1
      Bjørn Erik Pedersen 提交于
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      Squashed 'docs/' changes from 4eb10c1a9..b8b20e9a2 · a8e9fc69
      Bjørn Erik Pedersen 提交于
      b8b20e9a2 Update index.md
      f33994fe6 Remove files.Extension (duplicate of files.Ext)
      948d6d69d layouts: Use .File.Path
      d3050b78c Document .Page.BundleType (#1620)
      8a033918f Image filters: ensure Grayscale is a level-2 heading
      98537018f Document .Publish method for global resources
      963ddc994 docs: add a link to the mailmap documentation
      915f858dc Fix release notes version
      58093dafe Update index.md
      8008ba1e1 Release 0.91.2
      d1788dae8 Merge branch 'tempv0.91.2'
      af2970180 Revert "config/security: Add HOME to default exec env var whitelist"
      2648d3088 netlify: Hugo 0.91.1
      d0801599c Merge branch 'tempv0.91.1'
      b343bfd7a config/security: Add HOME to default exec env var whitelist
      03fbb403f Update data-templates.md
      2f608055f Correct GetRemote docs and examples
      4e942166a Update 2021-12-17-no-more-releasenotes.md
      dbf9514fd Update security.toml
      2c38aa356 Update index.md
      562ad8e96 Add timeZone
      4bc482152 Update introduction.md
      1eb66c758 news: Add a note about the placement of release notes
      b2a293abb Remove the default archetype template
      f9837793c netlify: Hugo 0.91.0
      467256ad5 docs: Regen docs helper
      68554cf77 Add some basic security policies with sensible defaults
      git-subtree-dir: docs
      git-subtree-split: b8b20e9a257dca8e53ca9e5f314cf54b18702a37
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      Only create LazyContentProvider for the non-rendering Site · cdcd15b6
      Bjørn Erik Pedersen 提交于
      Which saves a fair amound of allocations:
      gobench --package ./hugolib --bench "SiteNew/Regular_D" --base master
      name                                  old time/op    new time/op    delta
      SiteNew/Regular_Deep_content_tree-10    40.7ms ± 3%    41.2ms ± 1%    ~     (p=0.343 n=4+4)
      name                                  old alloc/op   new alloc/op   delta
      SiteNew/Regular_Deep_content_tree-10    27.7MB ± 0%    28.8MB ± 0%  +3.76%  (p=0.029 n=4+4)
      name                                  old allocs/op  new allocs/op  delta
      SiteNew/Regular_Deep_content_tree-10      304k ± 0%      329k ± 0%  +8.07%  (p=0.029 n=4+4)
      name                                  old time/op    new time/op    delta
      SiteNew/Regular_Deep_content_tree-10    34.2ms ± 1%    34.7ms ± 1%    ~     (p=0.114 n=4+4)
      name                                  old alloc/op   new alloc/op   delta
      SiteNew/Regular_Deep_content_tree-10    27.7MB ± 0%    28.1MB ± 0%  +1.38%  (p=0.029 n=4+4)
      name                                  old allocs/op  new allocs/op  delta
      SiteNew/Regular_Deep_content_tree-10      304k ± 0%      314k ± 0%  +3.03%  (p=0.029 n=4+4)
      Updates #8919
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      Fix missing page data for alternative formats · 25d645f4
      Paul Gottschling 提交于
      When a template calls the .Translations function and a
      Hugo environment is using multiple output formats,
      a template that calls methods like .Summary and .Len on
      each translation will unexpectedly show empty return
      values for these methods.
      This is because each pageOutput's ContentProvider is
      assigned to a page.NopPage in newPageOutput. When
      *HugoSites.render assigns pageContentOutputs to
      pageOutputs in *pageState.shiftToOutputFormat, it
      reuses pageContentOutputs from other pageOutputs,
      leaving some pageContentOutputs as NopPages. While this
      approach conserves resources, sometimes it means that
      a template will unexpectedly call a method on a
      pageContentOutput that is actually a NopPage.
      In the case of ContentProvider methods called on
      translations for alternative output formats, the methods
      were called on NopPages.
      This change introduces LazyContentProvider, which
      performs late initialization when one of its methods is
      called. This way, we can reuse content in "normal" cases
      but ensure that ContentProvider methods work as expected
      when a pageOutput is not assigned a pageContentOutput
      during the initial pre-render phase.
      Fixes #8919
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      docs: Add dependency table to maintainance page · fbb3c181
      Bjørn Erik Pedersen 提交于
      See #8949
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    • B
      Add hugo.Deps · 7396aa94
      Bjørn Erik Pedersen 提交于
      Fixes #8949
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      Fix surprise OutputFormat.Rel overwriting · d3c4fdb8
      Paul Gottschling 提交于
      In page.NewOutputFormat, we take an output.Format f and use it to
      create a page.OutputFormat. If the format is canonical, we assign
      the final OutputFormat's Rel to "canonical" rather than using
      f.Rel. However, this leads to unexpected behavior for custom
      output formats, where a user can define a "rel" for a format
      via the config file.
      For example, the standard for "humans.txt" files requires using
      rel="author" in HTML "link" elements. Meanwhile, humans.txt is
      usually the only format used for its content. As a result, for
      Hugo configurations that define a humans.txt custom output format,
      Hugo will render "link" elements to content in this format with
      rel="canonical," rather than "author" as required by the standard.
      This commit changes page.NewOutputFormat to check whether a given
      format is user defined and, if so, skips assigning Rel to
      "canonical," even if isCanonical is true.
      Fixes #8030
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