Official Sentry SDK for iOS / tvOS / macOS / watchOS (1).

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    This SDK is written in Objective-C but also provides a nice Swift interface.


    Remember to call this as early in your application life cycle as possible Ideally in applicationDidFinishLaunching in AppDelegate

    import Sentry
    // ....
    SentrySDK.start { options in
        options.dsn = "___PUBLIC_DSN___"
        options.debug = true // Helpful to see what's going on
    @import Sentry;
    // ....
    [SentrySDK startWithConfigureOptions:^(SentryOptions *options) {
        options.dsn = @"___PUBLIC_DSN___";
        options.debug = @YES; // Helpful to see what's going on

    For more information checkout the docs.

    (1)limited symbolication support and no crash handling.

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    The official Sentry SDK for iOS, tvOS, macOS, watchOS.

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