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      test: Fix SentryStacktraceBuilderTests (#1372) · f66fd0f1
      Philipp Hofmann 提交于
      testAsyncStacktraces should be testing if stack traces of different threads
      are stitched together, which it didn't do, because we were only building
      the stack trace on the main thread. This is fixed now by building the
      stack trace across different threads. Furthermore, the tests now use
      their own queue to avoid side effects when testing.
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      test: Remove SentrySwiftTests (#1373) · eb00be75
      Philipp Hofmann 提交于
      SentrySwiftTests don't have a clear testing purpose as it combines
      the test of multiple classes that we cover in more specific test classes.
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      release: 7.4.3 · fea75d38
      getsentry-bot 提交于
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      fix: Crash for Custom ViewController init on iOS 15 (#1361) · 75e72817
      Philipp Hofmann 提交于
      Swizzle all custom ViewControllers. First, fetch all subclasses of ViewController and then swizzle them. As there is no straightforward way to get all sub-classes in Objective-C, the code first retrieves all classes in the runtime, iterates over all classes, and checks for every class if UIViewController is a parent. Cause loading all classes can take a few milliseconds, do this on a background thread, which should be fine because the SDK swizzles the root view controller and its children.
      Previously, the code intercepted the ViewController initializers with swizzling to swizzle the lifecycle methods. This approach led to ViewControllers crashing when using a convenience initializer, see GH-1355. The error occurred because our swizzling logic adds the method to swizzle if the class doesn't implement it. It seems like adding an extra initializer causes problems with the rules for initialization in Swift, see https://docs.swift.org/swift-book/LanguageGuide/Initialization.html#ID216.
      Fixes GH-1355
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