You Don't Know JS (book series) - 1st Edition

    UPDATE: You are viewing the 1st edition of the book series, as they were published by O'Reilly from 2014-2015. This edition is archived but included here for posterity. As of now, 2nd edition work is underway. Any issues or PRs should be directed against the latest edition.

    This is a series of books diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language. The first edition of the series is now complete. Also, these first-edition books are now out of print and can no longer be purchased. They can only be read for free online here in this markdown format.


    To read more about the motivations and perspective behind this book series, check out the Preface.



    The content of these books was released here, and the books were also edited, produced, and published through O'Reilly (2014-2015).

    To contribute financially in support, I have a patreon that I appreciate your generosity towards.


    Online Video Training

    I also have some JS training material available in on-demand video format. I teach courses through Frontend Masters. You can find all my courses here.


    These first-edition books are complete and published and will not be changed in any way, so there's no further need for contributions. They will remain here for posterity, but are not being maintained. See the 2nd edition books for the active work in this repository.

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    The materials herein are all © 2013-2019 Kyle Simpson.

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    A book series on JavaScript. @YDKJS on twitter.

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