Welcome to dotnet sdk

    This repo contains core functionality needed to create .NET projects that is shared between VisualStudio and CLI.

    Please refer to dotnet/project-system for the project system work that is specific to Visual Studio.

    Build status

    Windows x64

    Testing a local build

    To test your locally built SDK, run eng\dogfood.cmd after building. That script starts a new Powershell with the environment configured to redirect SDK resolution to your build.

    From that shell your SDK will be available in:

    • any Visual Studio instance launched (via & devenv.exe)
    • dotnet build
    • msbuild

    Installing the SDK

    Official builds

    Latest builds

    How do I engage and contribute?

    We welcome you to try things out, file issues, make feature requests and join us in design conversations. Also be sure to check out our project documentation and Developer Guide.

    This project has adopted the .NET Foundation Code of Conduct to clarify expected behavior in our community.


    Core functionality needed to create .NET Core projects, that is shared between Visual Studio and CLI

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