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    DEV: Absorb onebox gem into core (#12979) · 283b08d4
    Arpit Jalan 鎻愪氦浜
    * Move onebox gem in core library
    * Update template file path
    * Remove warning for onebox gem caching
    * Remove onebox version file
    * Remove onebox gem
    * Add sanitize gem
    * Require onebox library in lazy-yt plugin
    * Remove onebox web specific code
    This code was used in standalone onebox Sinatra application
    * Merge Discourse specific AllowlistedGenericOnebox engine in core
    * Fix onebox engine filenames to match class name casing
    * Move onebox specs from gem into core
    * DEV: Rename `response` helper to `onebox_response`
    Fixes a naming collision.
    * Require rails_helper
    * Don't use `before/after(:all)`
    * Whitespace
    * Remove fakeweb
    * Remove poor unit tests
    * DEV: Re-add fakeweb, plugins are using it
    * Move onebox helpers
    * Stub Instagram API
    * FIX: Follow additional redirect status codes (#476)
    Don鈥檛 throw errors if we encounter 303, 307 or 308 HTTP status codes in responses
    * Remove an empty file
    * DEV: Update the license file
    Using the copy from https://choosealicense.com/licenses/gpl-2.0/#
    Hopefully this will enable GitHub to show the license UI?
    * DEV: Update embedded copyrights
    * DEV: Add Onebox copyright notice
    * DEV: Add MIT license, convert COPYRIGHT.txt to md
    * DEV: Remove an incorrect copyright claim
    Co-authored-by: NJarek Radosz <jradosz@gmail.com>
    Co-authored-by: Njbrw <jamie@goatforce5.org>
璇ラ」鐩娇鐢ㄥ崗璁 GNU General Public License v2.0. 杩涗竴姝ヤ簡瑙