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      clearer language in docs · 0de7c820
      Andy McCurdy 提交于
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      update readme with health_check_interval option · d9227fe4
      Andy McCurdy 提交于
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      version 3.3.0 · 06b6113d
      Andy McCurdy 提交于
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      Add an Event parameter to PubSubWorkerThread and run_in_thread so (#1195) · 6ce11f13
      Timothy Rule 提交于
      The PubSubWorkerThread now uses a `threading.Event` to control its life cycle.
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      PING/PONG health checks · f60b2b07
      Andy McCurdy 提交于
      The `Redis` class and the `ConnectionPool` class now support the
      "health_check_interval=N" option. By default N=0, which turns off health
      checks. `N` should be an integer, and when greater than 0, ensures that
      a health check is performed just before command execution anytime the
      underlying connection has been idle for more than N seconds. A health
      check is a full PING/PONG round trip to the Redis server.
      If a health check encounters a ConnectionError or TimeoutError, the connection
      is disconnected and reconnected and the health check is retried exactly once.
      Any error during the retry is raised to the caller. Health check retries
      are not governed by any other options such as `retry_on_timeout`. In systems
      where idle times are common, these health checks are the intended way to
      reconnect to the Redis server without harming any user data.
      When this option is enabled for PubSub connections, calling `get_message()` or
      `listen()` will send a health check anytime a message has not been read on
      the PubSub connection for `health_check_interval` seconds. Users should
      call `get_message()` or `listen()` at least every `health_check_interval`
      seconds in order to keep the connection open.
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      Ability to create a client that uses a single connection · 0984b102
      Andy McCurdy 提交于
      This has multiple uses:
        * Single connection clients will not be considered threadsafe. This means
          certain settings could temporarily be adjusted. For example, a context
          manager could temporarily modify the encoding behavior for a set
          of commands.
        * We can introduce more thorough health checks that only happen when a
          connection is handed out from the connection pool.
        * Workloads that issue many commands to Redis should be slightly faster.
          Prior to this change, the client must retrieve a connection from the
          pool for each command.
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