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    New! Material theme for ngx-admin

    Material admin theme is based on the most popular Angular dashboard template - ngx-admin To use material theme checkout feat/material-theme branch.

    Get material ngx-admin integrated with backend technology of your choice. Check out our store.

    Key features

    • The most popular and trusted Angular open source dashboard template is out there. Used by hundreds of thousands developers worldwide and Fortune 500 companies*.
    • Over 40+ Angular Components and 60+ Usage Examples. Kick off your project and save money by using ngx-admin.
    • Already using ngx-admin and willing to switch to material theme? Material theme is backward-compatible. Check out the article describing how to do that.
    • ngx-admin material works perfectly with Angular Material and Nebular. Take the best from both!

    To use material theme checkout feat/material-theme branch

    Admin template based on Angular 10+ and Nebular

    UI Bakery

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    With 6 stunning visual themes

    Material Dark Material Light
    Dark Default
    Cosmic Corporate

    What's included:

    • Angular 10+ & Typescript
    • Bootstrap 4+ & SCSS
    • Responsive layout
    • RTL support
    • High resolution
    • Flexibly configurable themes with hot-reload (3 themes included)
    • Authentication module with multiple providers
    • 40+ Angular Components
    • 60+ Usage Examples


    Live Demo


    This template is using Nebular modules set, here you can find documentation and other useful articles.

    Empty starter kit

    Don't need all the pages and modules and just looking for an empty starter kit for your next project? Check out our starter-kit branch.


    This project runs its tests on multiple desktop and mobile browsers using BrowserStack.

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    Customizable admin dashboard template based on Angular 10+

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