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    A full-featured download manager

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    Motrix is a full-featured download manager that supports downloading HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, Magnet, etc.

    Motrix has a clean and easy to use interface. I hope you will like it 👻.

    Official Website | 📖 Manual

    💽 Installation

    Download from GitHub Releases and install it.


    It is recommended to install Motrix using the installation package (Motrix-Setup-x.y.z.exe) to ensure a complete experience, such as associating torrent files, capturing magnet links, etc.

    If you use package management tools to manage applications on Windows, such as Chocolatey, scoop. You can use them to install Motrix.


    Thanks to @Yato for continuing to maintain the Motrix Chocolatey package. To install motrix, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

    # Install
    choco install motrix
    # Upgrade
    choco upgrade motrix


    If you prefer the portable version, you can use scoop (need Windows 7+) to install Motrix.

    scoop bucket add extras
    scoop install motrix


    The macOS users can install Motrix using brew cask, thanks to PR of @Mitscherlich.

    brew update && brew install --cask motrix


    You can download the AppImage (for all Linux distributions) or snap to install Motrix, see GitHub/release for more Linux installation package formats.

    Motrix may need to run with sudo for the first time in Linux because there is no permission to create the download session file (/var/cache/aria2.session).

    If you want to build from source code, please read the Build section.


    The latest version of Motrix AppImage requires you to manually perform desktop integration. Please check the documentation of AppImageLauncher .

    Desktop Integration Since electron-builder 21 desktop integration is not a part of produced AppImage file. AppImageLauncher is the recommended way to integrate AppImages.

    Deepin 20 Beta users failed to install Motrix, please follow the steps below:

    Open the Terminal, paste and run the following command to install Motrix again.

    sudo apt --fix-broken install


    Motrix has been listed on Snapcraft , Ubuntu users recommend downloading from the Snap Store.

    Tips for v1.5.10

    The tray may not display the indicator normally, which makes it inconvenient to exit the application.

    Please unchecked Preferences--Basic Settings--Hide App Menu (Windows & Linux Only), click Save & Apply. Then click "Exit" in the File menu to exit the application.

    Please update to v1.5.12 and above, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + q to quickly exit the application.


    For Arch Linux users, Motrix is available in aur, thanks to the maintainer @weearc.

    Run the following command to install:

    yay motrix


    Thanks to the PR of @proletarius101, Motrix has been listed Flathub, Linux users who like the Flatpak can try it.

    # Install
    flatpak install flathub net.agalwood.Motrix
    # Run
    flatpak run net.agalwood.Motrix


    • 🕹 Simple and clear user interface
    • 🦄 Supports BitTorrent & Magnet
    • ️ BitTorrent selective download
    • 📡 Update tracker list every day automatically
    • 🔌 UPnP & NAT-PMP Port Mapping
    • 🎛 Up to 10 concurrent download tasks
    • 🚀 Supports 64 threads in a single task
    • 🚥 Supports speed limit
    • 🕶 Mock User-Agent
    • 🔔 Download completed Notification
    • 💻 Ready for Touch Bar (Mac only)
    • 🤖 Resident system tray for quick operation
    • 📟 Tray speed meter displays real-time speed (Mac only)
    • 🌑 Dark mode
    • 🗑 Delete related files when removing tasks (optional)
    • 🌍 I18n, View supported languages.
    • 🛠 More features in development

    🖥 User Interface


    ️ Development

    Clone Code

    git clone

    Install Dependencies

    cd Motrix

    Error: Electron failed to install correctly, please delete node_modules/electron and try installing again

    Electron failed to install correctly, please refer to

    Dev Mode

    yarn run dev

    Build Release

    yarn run build

    After building, the application will be found in the project's release directory.

    🛠 Technology Stack

    ️ TODO

    Development Roadmap see: Trello

    🤝 Contribute PRs Welcome

    If you are interested in participating in joint development, PR and Forks are welcome!

    🌍 Internationalization

    Translations into versions for other languages are welcome 🧐! Please read the translation guide before starting translations.

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    zh-CN 简体中文
    zh-TW 繁體中文 @Yukaii

    📜 License

    MIT Copyright (c) 2018-present Dr_rOot


    A full-featured download manager.

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