Information Gathering And Scan Tool

    NIVOS is a hacking tool that allows you to scan deeply , crack wifi, see people on your network. It applies to all linux operating systems. And it is improving every day, new packages are added. Thank You For Using NIVOS :> [NIVOS Created By NIVO Team]

    Installation & Setup

    pip install os
    git clone
    cd NIVOS
    sudo python3


    cd NIVOS
    sudo python3

    Information Of Tool

    Error's Discord  : err0r#4018
    Januie's Discord : Jan20🇦🇿#6757ü

    Still Upgrading.

    [1]     Scan Devices On Your Network                                                     (By Error)
    [2]     Scan Networks                                                                    (By Error)
    [3]     Crack Network With Mac Adress                                                    (By Error)
    [4]     Scan Website Vulnerabilities And Deeply Information Of Website                   (By Error)
    [5]     DOS-DDOS Tool                                                                    (By Error)
    [6]     Phone Info Tool                                                                  (By Error)
    [7]     System INFO                                                                      (By Error)
    [8]     Sniffing , Spoofing                                                              (By Error)
    [9]     IP Information Gathering                                                         (By Error)
    [10]    Email Verifier                                                                   (By Error)
    [11]    Port Scanner                                                                     (By Error)
    [12]    SQL Injection Scanner                                                            (By Error)
    [13]    Discord Spammer                                                                  (By Error)
    [14]    Wordlist Generator                                                               (By Error)
    [15]    Find Social Media Account With Username                                          (By Error)
    [16]    See index.html Source Of Website                                                 (By Error)
    [17]    Creating Fake Wifi Acces Point For Phishing                                      (By Error)
    [18]    XSS Vulnerebility Scan                                                           (By Error)
    [19]    Dedect ARP Spoof                                                                 (By Error)
    [20]    Image Meta Data                                                                  (By Error)
    [21]    Brute Force ZIP                                                                  (By Error)
    [22]    Instagram Bot                                                                    (By Januie)
    [C]     Credits
    [Q]     Quit

    Created : April 21 2022 [21.04.2022]

    For Educational Purposes


    NIVOS Offical Website

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