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    edit OpenAPI Specification license info · b9ab1c11
    Andrea Kao 提交于
    GitHub uses a library called Licensee to identify a project's license
    type. It shows this information in the status bar and via the API if it
    can unambiguously identify the license.
    This commit creates a LICENSE file that stores the full text of the
    Apache license, referencing The Linux Foundation as the copyright
    holder. It also updates package.json with the correct SPDX license ID
    and updates the README "License" header to "Licensing".
    Collectively, these changes allow Licensee to successfully identify the
    license type of the OpenAPI Specification project as Apache.
    Signed-off-by: NAndrea Kao <eirinikos@gmail.com>
该项目使用协议 Apache License 2.0. 进一步了解