GCGM - Grasscutter Game Master Dashboard

    GCGM is the first Grasscutter plugin (Apart from Magix's test plugin) and it's goal is to implement a dashboard into the dispatch server so that game masters/server administrators can easily administor their server.

    Currently Planned Features:

    • Loading basic web page
    • Nice looking CSS
    • Websockets (Although it is very basic)
    • Widgets
    • Server performance stats
    • See players registered to dispatch server
    • See players currently online
    • Send mail to all players
    • Give players items
    • Summon enemies near players

    The features listed are to achieve an MVP for the first release.

    Important Notes:

    This plugin is made to run on the current Development branch of Grasscutter.
    This plugin is in very early development and the web dashboard only displays a side panel and a performance graph.
    If you require support please ask on the Grasscutter Discord. However, support is not guaranteed.
    If you encounter any issues, please report them on the issue tracker. However, please search to see if anyone else has encountered your issue before. Any duplicate issues will be closed.



    Download Plugin Jar

    Coming soon!

    Compile yourself

    1. Pull the latest code from github using git clone in your terminal of choice.
    2. Locate your grasscutter server and copy the grasscutter server jar into the newly created gcgm-plugin/gc-plugin/lib folder
    3. Navigate back into the project root folder called gcgm-plugin folder and run gradlew build (cmd) or ./gradlew build (Powershell, Linux & Mac).
    4. Assuming the build succeeded, in your file explorer navigate to the gc-plugin folder, you should have a gcgm-plugin.jar file, copy it.
    5. Navigate to your Grasscutter server, find the plugins folder and paste the gcgm-plugin.jar into it.
    6. Start your server.
    7. Your server should then start and after a few seconds, you should be greated with these messages.
    [WARN] [GCGM] The './plugins/gcgm/www' folder does not exist.
    [INFO] [GCGM] Copying '' to './plugins/GCGM'
    [WARN] [GCGM] Please extract the contents of '' from within './plugins/GCGM' to './plugins/GCGM/www
    [WARN] [GCGM] GCGM has now loaded...
    [ERROR] [GCGM] GCGM could not find the 'www' folder inside its plugin directory
    [ERROR] [GCGM] Please make sure a 'www' folder exists by extracting '' into a new 'www' or download a third-party dashboard
    [ERROR] [GCGM] GCGM could not be enabled
    1. Type stop to stop the server
    2. Inside the plugins folder there now should be a new folder with the name of gcgm, when you open the folder, there should be file called Extract the contents of this zip into a folder called www.
    3. Start your server

    Your final plugins folder's directory structure should look similar to this

    │   gcgm-plugin.jar
    │   ...
            │   asset-manifest.json
            │   favicon.ico
            │   index.html
            │   logo192.png
            │   logo512.png
            │   manifest.json
            │   robot.txt
                │   ...
                │   ...
                │   ...


    A grasscutter game master web dashboard plugin

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