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    Attention: We always welcome contributors to the project. Before adding your contribution, please carefully read our Code of Conduct.

    Current features

    • Logging in
    • Combat
    • Friends list
    • Teleportation
    • Gacha system
    • Co-op partially works
    • Spawning monsters via console
    • Inventory features (recieving items/characters, upgrading items/characters, etc)

    Quick setup guide

    Note: For support please join our Discord.


    • Java SE - 17 (link)

      Note: If you just want to run it, then jre only is fine.

    • MongoDB (recommended 4.0+)

    • Proxy daemon: mitmproxy (mitmdump, recommended), Fiddler Classic, etc.


    Note: If you updated from an older version, delete config.json to regenerate it.

    1. Get grasscutter.jar
    2. Create a resources folder in the directory where grasscutter.jar is located and move your BinOutput and ExcelBinOutput folders there (Check the wiki for more details how to get those.)
    3. Run Grasscutter with java -jar grasscutter.jar. Make sure mongodb service is running as well.

    Connecting with the client

    ½. Create an account using server console command.

    1. Redirect traffic: (choose one)

      • mitmdump: mitmdump -s -k

        Trust CA certificate:

        ​ **Note:**The CA certificate is usually stored in % USERPROFILE%\ .mitmproxy, or you can download it from

        ​ Double click for install or ...

        • Via command line

          certutil -addstore root %USERPROFILE%\.mitmproxy\mitmproxy-ca-cert.cer
      • Fiddler Classic: Run Fiddler Classic, turn on Decrypt https traffic in setting and change the default port there (Tools -> Options -> Connections) to anything other than 8888, and load this script.

      • Hosts file

    2. Set network proxy to or the proxy port you specified.

    you can also use start.cmd to start servers and proxy daemons automatically


    Grasscutter uses Gradle to handle dependencies & building.


    • Java SE Development Kits - 17
    • Git
    git clone
    cd Grasscutter
    .\gradlew.bat # Setting up environments
    .\gradlew jar # Compile
    git clone
    cd Grasscutter
    chmod +x gradlew
    ./gradlew jar # Compile

    You can find the output jar in the root of the project folder.


    You might want to use this command (java -jar grasscutter.jar -handbook) in a cmd that is in the grasscutter folder. It will create a handbook file (GM Handbook.txt) where you can find the item IDs for stuff you want.

    You may want to use this command (java -jar grasscutter.jar -gachamap) to generate a mapping file for the gacha record subsystem. The file will be generated to GRASSCUTTER_RESOURCE/gcstatic folder. Otherwise you may only see number IDs in the gacha record page.

    There is a dummy user named "Server" in every player's friends list that you can message to use commands. Commands also work in other chat rooms, such as private/team chats. to run commands ingame, you need to add prefix / or ! such as /pos

    Commands Usage Permission node Availability description Alias
    account account <create|delete> <username> [UID] Server only Creates an account with the specified username and the in-game UID for that account. The UID will be auto generated if not set.
    broadcast broadcast <message> server.broadcast Both side Sends a message to all the players. b
    coop coop <playerId> <target playerId> Both side Forces someone to join the world of others.
    changescene changescene <scene id> player.changescene Client only Switch scenes by scene ID. scene
    clear clear <all|wp|art|mat> [UID] player.clearinv Client only Deletes all unequipped and unlocked level 0 artifacts(art)/weapons(wp)/material(all) or all, including 5-star rarity ones from your inventory. clear
    drop drop <itemID|itemName> [amount] server.drop Client only Drops an item around you. d dropitem
    enterdungeon enterdungeon <dungeon id> player.enterdungeon Client only Enter a dungeon by dungeon ID
    give give [player] <itemId|itemName> [amount] [level] [finement] player.give Both side Gives item(s) to you or the specified player. (finement option only weapon.) g item giveitem
    givechar givechar <uid> <avatarId> player.givechar Both side Gives the player a specified character. givec
    giveart giveart [player] <artifactId> <mainPropId> [<appendPropId>[,<times>]]... [level] player.giveart Both side Gives the player a specified artifact. gart
    giveall giveall [uid] [amount] player.giveall Both side Gives all items. givea
    godmode godmode [uid] player.godmode Client only Prevents you from taking damage.
    heal heal player.heal Client only Heals all characters in your current team. h
    help help [command] Both side Sends the help message or shows information about a specified command.
    kick kick <player> server.kick Both side Kicks the specified player from the server. (WIP) k
    killall killall [playerUid] [sceneId] server.killall Both side Kills all entities in the current scene or specified scene of the corresponding player.
    list list Both side Lists online players.
    permission permission <add|remove> <UID> <permission> * Both side Grants or removes a permission for a user.
    position position Client only Sends your current coordinates. pos
    reload reload server.reload Both side Reloads the server config
    resetconst resetconst [all] player.resetconstellation Client only Resets the constellation level on your currently selected character, will need to relog after using the command to see any changes. resetconstellation
    restart Both side Restarts the current session
    say say <player> <message> server.sendmessage Both side Sends a message to a player as the server sendservmsg sendservermessage sendmessage
    setfetterlevel setfetterlevel <level> player.setfetterlevel Client only Sets the friendship level for your currently selected character setfetterlvl
    setstats setstats <stat> <value> player.setstats Client only Sets a stat for your currently selected character stats
    setworldlevel setworldlevel <level> player.setworldlevel Client only Sets your world level (Relog to see proper effects) setworldlvl
    spawn spawn <entityId> [amount] [level(monster only)] server.spawn Client only Spawns some entities around you
    stop stop server.stop Both side Stops the server
    talent talent <talentID> <value> player.settalent Client only Sets talent level for your currently selected character
    teleport teleport [@playerUid] <x> <y> <z> [sceneId] player.teleport Both side Change the player's position. tp
    tpall player.tpall Client only Teleports all players in your world to your position
    weather weather <weatherID> <climateID> Client only Changes the weather w


    • Teleporting
      • When you want to teleport somewhere, use the in-game marking function on the map.
        • Mark a point on the map using the fish hook marking (the last one.)
        • (Optional) rename the map marker to a number to override the default Y coordinate (height, default 300.)
        • Confirm and close the map.
        • You will see your character falling from a very high destination, exact location that you marked.

    Quick Troubleshooting

    • If compiling wasn't successful, please check your JDK installation (JDK 17 and validated JDK's bin PATH variable)

    • My client doesn't connect, doesn't login, 4206, etc... - Your proxy daemon setup is most likely the issue, if you are using Fiddler, make sure it running on another port other than 8888

    • Startup sequence: Mongodb > Grasscutter > Proxy daemon (mitmdump, fiddler, etc.) > Game


    A server software reimplementation for a certain anime game.

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