100 Days of Machine Learning Coding as proposed by Siraj Raval

    Get the datasets from here

    Data PreProcessing | Day 1

    Check out the code from here.

    Simple Linear Regression | Day 2

    Check out the code from here.

    Multiple Linear Regression | Day 3

    Check out the code from here.

    Logistic Regression | Day 4

    Logistic Regression | Day 5

    Moving forward into #100DaysOfMLCode today I dived into the deeper depth of what Logistic Regression actually is and what is the math involved behind it. Learned how cost function is calculated and then how to apply gradient descent algorithm to cost function to minimize the error in prediction.
    Due to less time I will now be posting an infographic on alternate days. Also if someone wants to help me out in documentaion of code and already has some experince in the field and knows Markdown for github please contact me on LinkedIn :) .

    Implementing Logistic Regression | Day 6

    Check out the Code here

    K Nearest Neighbours | Day 7

    Math Behind Logistic Regression | Day 8

    #100DaysOfMLCode To clear my insights on logistic regression I was searching on the internet for some resource or article and I came across this article ( by Saishruthi Swaminathan.

    It gives a detailed description of Logistic Regression. Do check it out.

    Support Vector Machines | Day 9

    Got an intution on what SVM is and how it is used to solve Classification problem.

    SVM and KNN | Day 10

    Learned more about how SVM works and implementing the K-NN algorithm.

    Implementation of K-NN | Day 11

    Implemented the K-NN algorithm for classification. #100DaysOfMLCode Support Vector Machine Infographic is halfway complete. Will update it tomorrow.

    Support Vector Machines | Day 12

    Naive Bayes Classifier | Day 13

    Continuing with #100DaysOfMLCode today I went through the Naive Bayes classifier. I am also implementing the SVM in python using scikit-learn. Will update the code soon.

    Implementation of SVM | Day 14

    Today I implemented SVM on linearly related data. Used Scikit-Learn library. In Scikit-Learn we have SVC classifier which we use to achieve this task. Will be using kernel-trick on next implementation. Check the code here.

    Naive Bayes Classifier and Black Box Machine Learning | Day 15

    Learned about different types of naive bayes classifiers. Also started the lectures by Bloomberg. First one in the playlist was Black Box Machine Learning. It gives the whole overview about prediction functions, feature extraction, learning algorithms, performance evaluation, cross-validation, sample bias, nonstationarity, overfitting, and hyperparameter tuning.

    Implemented SVM using Kernel Trick | Day 16

    Using Scikit-Learn library implemented SVM algorithm along with kernel function which maps our data points into higher dimension to find optimal hyperplane.

    Started Deep learning Specialization on Coursera | Day 17

    Completed the whole Week 1 and Week 2 on a single day. Learned Logistic regression as Neural Network.

    Deep learning Specialization on Coursera | Day 18

    Completed the Course 1 of the deep learning specialization. Implemented a neural net in python.

    The Learning Problem , Professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa | Day 19

    Started Lecture 1 of 18 of Caltech's Machine Learning Course - CS 156 by Professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa. It was basically an introduction to the upcoming lectures. He also explained Perceptron Algorithm.

    Started Deep learning Specialization Course 2 | Day 20

    Completed the Week 1 of Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter tuning, Regularization and Optimization.

    Web Scraping | Day 21

    Watched some tutorials on how to do web scraping using Beautiful Soup in order to collect data for building a model.

    Is Learning Feasible? | Day 22

    Lecture 2 of 18 of Caltech's Machine Learning Course - CS 156 by Professor Yaser Abu-Mostafa. Learned about Hoeffding Inequality.

    Decision Trees | Day 23

    Introduction To Statistical Learning Theory | Day 24

    Lec 3 of Bloomberg ML course introduced some of the core concepts like input space, action space, outcome space, prediction functions, loss functions, and hypothesis spaces.

    Implementing Decision Trees | Day 25

    Check the code here.

    Jumped To Brush up Linear Algebra | Day 26

    Found an amazing channel on youtube 3Blue1Brown. It has a playlist called Essence of Linear Algebra. Started off by completing 4 videos which gave a complete overview of Vectors, Linear Combinations, Spans, Basis Vectors, Linear Transformations and Matrix Multiplication.

    Link to the playlist here.

    Jumped To Brush up Linear Algebra | Day 27

    Continuing with the playlist completed next 4 videos discussing topics 3D Transformations, Determinants, Inverse Matrix, Column Space, Null Space and Non-Square Matrices.

    Link to the playlist here.

    Jumped To Brush up Linear Algebra | Day 28

    In the playlist of 3Blue1Brown completed another 3 videos from the essence of linear algebra. Topics covered were Dot Product and Cross Product.

    Link to the playlist here.

    Jumped To Brush up Linear Algebra | Day 29

    Completed the whole playlist today, videos 12-14. Really an amazing playlist to refresh the concepts of Linear Algebra. Topics covered were the change of basis, Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues, and Abstract Vector Spaces.

    Link to the playlist here.

    Essence of calculus | Day 30

    Completing the playlist - Essence of Linear Algebra by 3blue1brown a suggestion popped up by youtube regarding a series of videos again by the same channel 3Blue1Brown. Being already impressed by the previous series on Linear algebra I dived straight into it. Completed about 5 videos on topics such as Derivatives, Chain Rule, Product Rule, and derivative of exponential.

    Link to the playlist here.

    Essence of calculus | Day 31

    Watched 2 Videos on topic Implicit Diffrentiation and Limits from the playlist Essence of Calculus.

    Link to the playlist here.

    Essence of calculus | Day 32

    Watched the remaining 4 videos covering topics Like Integration and Higher order derivatives.

    Link to the playlist here.

    Random Forests | Day 33

    Implementing Random Forests | Day 34

    Check the code here.

    But what is a Neural Network? | Deep learning, chapter 1 | Day 35

    An Amazing Video on neural networks by 3Blue1Brown youtube channel. This video gives a good understanding of Neural Networks and uses Handwritten digit dataset to explain the concept. Link To the video.

    Gradient descent, how neural networks learn | Deep learning, chapter 2 | Day 36

    Part two of neural networks by 3Blue1Brown youtube channel. This video explains the concepts of Gradient Descent in an interesting way. 169 must watch and highly recommended. Link To the video.

    What is backpropagation really doing? | Deep learning, chapter 3 | Day 37

    Part three of neural networks by 3Blue1Brown youtube channel. This video mostly discusses the partial derivatives and backpropagation. Link To the video.

    Backpropagation calculus | Deep learning, chapter 4 | Day 38

    Part four of neural networks by 3Blue1Brown youtube channel. The goal here is to represent, in somewhat more formal terms, the intuition for how backpropagation works and the video moslty discusses the partial derivatives and backpropagation. Link To the video.

    Deep Learning with Python, TensorFlow, and Keras tutorial | Day 39

    Link To the video.

    Loading in your own data - Deep Learning basics with Python, TensorFlow and Keras p.2 | Day 40

    Link To the video.

    Convolutional Neural Networks - Deep Learning basics with Python, TensorFlow and Keras p.3 | Day 41

    Link To the video.

    Analyzing Models with TensorBoard - Deep Learning with Python, TensorFlow and Keras p.4 | Day 42

    Link To the video.

    K Means Clustering | Day 43

    Moved to Unsupervised Learning and studied about Clustering. Working on my website check it out Also found a wonderful animation that can help to easily understand K - Means Clustering Link

    K Means Clustering Implementation | Day 44

    Implemented K Means Clustering. Check the code here.

    Digging Deeper | NUMPY | Day 45

    Got a new book "Python Data Science HandBook" by JK VanderPlas Check the Jupyter notebooks here.
    Started with chapter 2 : Introduction to Numpy. Covered topics like Data Types, Numpy arrays and Computations on Numpy arrays.
    Check the code -
    Introduction to NumPy
    Understanding Data Types in Python
    The Basics of NumPy Arrays
    Computation on NumPy Arrays: Universal Functions

    Digging Deeper | NUMPY | Day 46

    Chapter 2 : Aggregations, Comparisions and Broadcasting
    Link to Notebook:
    Aggregations: Min, Max, and Everything In Between
    Computation on Arrays: Broadcasting
    Comparisons, Masks, and Boolean Logic

    Digging Deeper | NUMPY | Day 47

    Chapter 2 : Fancy Indexing, sorting arrays, Struchered Data
    Link to Notebook:
    Fancy Indexing
    Sorting Arrays
    Structured Data: NumPy's Structured Arrays

    Digging Deeper | PANDAS | Day 48

    Chapter 3 : Data Manipulation with Pandas
    Covered Various topics like Pandas Objects, Data Indexing and Selection, Operating on Data, Handling Missing Data, Hierarchical Indexing, ConCat and Append.
    Link To the Notebooks:
    Data Manipulation with Pandas
    Introducing Pandas Objects
    Data Indexing and Selection
    Operating on Data in Pandas
    Handling Missing Data
    Hierarchical Indexing
    Combining Datasets: Concat and Append

    Digging Deeper | PANDAS | Day 49

    Chapter 3: Completed following topics- Merge and Join, Aggregation and grouping and Pivot Tables.
    Combining Datasets: Merge and Join
    Aggregation and Grouping
    Pivot Tables

    Digging Deeper | PANDAS | Day 50

    Chapter 3: Vectorized Strings Operations, Working with Time Series
    Links to Notebooks:
    Vectorized String Operations
    Working with Time Series
    High-Performance Pandas: eval() and query()

    Digging Deeper | MATPLOTLIB | Day 51

    Chapter 4: Visualization with Matplotlib Learned about Simple Line Plots, Simple Scatter Plotsand Density and Contour Plots.
    Links to Notebooks:
    Visualization with Matplotlib
    Simple Line Plots
    Simple Scatter Plots
    Visualizing Errors
    Density and Contour Plots

    Digging Deeper | MATPLOTLIB | Day 52

    Chapter 4: Visualization with Matplotlib Learned about Histograms, How to customize plot legends, colorbars, and buliding Multiple Subplots.
    Links to Notebooks:
    Histograms, Binnings, and Density
    Customizing Plot Legends
    Customizing Colorbars
    Multiple Subplots
    Text and Annotation

    Digging Deeper | MATPLOTLIB | Day 53

    Chapter 4: Covered Three Dimensional Plotting in Mathplotlib.
    Links to Notebooks:
    Three-Dimensional Plotting in Matplotlib

    Hierarchical Clustering | Day 54

    Studied about Hierarchical Clustering. Check out this amazing Visualization.


    100 Days of ML Coding

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