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    This is the repo for all the community related materials. You can find the following information.


    Community charter is documented in, this is an initial draft and will need to be approved and updated by the TSC. We also have sig document and working group document charter provided.

    Code Of Conduct

    One of the most important community document, we provided both the Chinese version and English version based on CNCF Code Of Conduct.

    Contributor License Agreement

    You can find both the Individual Contributor License Agreement and Corporate Contributor License Agreement.

    Useful CI Commands

    Please check out some of the most useful CI command you could use.


    Please find all the necessary information regarding how we use IRC, Slack, and mailing-list for discussions in the community.

    CVE Report

    If you want to file a CVE report, please refer to information in the security folder.

    Slide Template

    MindSpore community themed slide templates if you need to make a presentation.


    MindSpore community



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