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    Maxkey Single Sign On system, which means the Maximum key, Leading-Edge IAM Identity and Access management product , Support OAuth 2.x/OPENID CONNECT, SAML 2.0, JWT, CAS, SCIM and other standard protocols, and provide Simple, Standard, Secure and Open Identity management (IDM), Access management (AM), Single Sign On (SSO), RBAC permission management and Resource management.

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    Single Sign On ( SSO ),Users only need to login to the authentication center once , access all the trusted application systems without logging in again.

    Key Functions

    1. All application systems share one Identity authentication system
    2. All application systems can Identify and extract Ticket


    1. Standard Protocols
    No. Protocols Support
    1.1 OAuth 2.x/OpenID Connect HIGH
    1.2 SAML 2.0 HIGH
    1.3 JWT HIGH
    1.4 CAS HIGH
    1.5 FormBased MIDDLE
    1.6 TokenBased(Post/Cookie) MIDDLE
    1.7 ExtendApi LOW
    1.8 EXT LOW
    1. Authentication
    No. SignIn Support Support
    2.1 Captcha letter / number / arithmetic
    2.2 Two Factor Authentication SMS / TOPT/ Mail
    2.3 SMS Tencent SMS / Alibaba SMS / NetEaseYunXin
    2.4 TOTP Denglu1/Google/Microsoft Authenticator/FreeOTP/Support TOTP or HOTP
    2.5 Domain Kerberos/SPNEGO/AD domain
    2.6 LDAP OpenLDAP/ActiveDirectory/Standard LDAP Server
    2.7 Social Account WeChat/QQ/ Weibo/DingTalk/Google/Facebook/other
    2.8 Scan QR Code WorkWeiXin/DingTalk/FeiShu Scan QR Code
    1. Standard Authentication Protocols for applications to integrate sso, secure mobile access, secure API, third-party authentication and Internet authentication.

    2. Identity Lifecycle management, support SCIM 2 , and The out of the box connector realizes identity supply synchronization.

    3. Simplify Microsoft Active Directory , standard LDAP server organization and account management, and reset password through password self-service.

    4. The Multi-Tenancy authentication platform , supports the independent management of multiple enterprises under the group company or the data isolation of different departments under the enterprise, so as to reduce the operation and maintenance cost.

    5. The platform independence and diversity of environment. It supports web, mobile phone, mobile devices, such as apple IOS, Android, etc., and covers the certification ability from B/S to mobile applications.

    6. Based on Java EE platform , microservice architecture, Use Spring, MySQL, Tomcat, Redis , Kafka , RocketMQ and other open source technologies, and has strong scalability.

    7. Open Source, Secure, Independent and Controllable , License Under Apache 2.0 License & MaxKey copyright.



    Login UI

    App List UI

    MaxKey Management

    Report UI

    User Management UI

    App Management UI


    Download the current version from Baidu Pan, history version

    Version Date Docker Pan URL Pan Code
    v 3.3.3 GA 2022/03/03 Home Download mxk9


    No. Plan Date
    1 Ant Design of Angular 2022Q2
    2 Java 17+ 2022Q4
    3 Jakarta EE 9+ 2022Q4
    4 Spring Framework 6 2022Q4
    5 Spring Boot 3 2022Q4

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    MaxKey单点登录认证系统是业界领先的IAM身份管理和认证产品,支持SSO标准协议包含OAuth2.x/OpenID Connect、SAML2.0、JWT、CAS、SCIM等

    发行版本 36

    v 3.5.1 GA


    贡献者 11


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