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    Jenkins CLI

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    Jenkins CLI allows you manage your Jenkins in an easy way. No matter if you're a plugin developer, administrator or just a regular user, it is made for you!


    • Multiple Jenkins support
    • Plugins management (list, search, install, upload)
    • Job management (search, build, log)
    • Configuration as Code support
    • Open your Jenkins with a browser
    • Restart your Jenkins
    • Connection with proxy support

    Get it

    We support Mac, Linux and Windows for now.


    You can use brew to install jcli.

    brew tap jenkins-zh/jcli
    brew install jcli


    To install jcli on your Linux OS, execute the following command:

    curl -L|tar xzv
    sudo mv jcli /usr/local/bin/


    You can find the latest version here. Download the tar file and copy the uncompressed jcli directory into your system path.

    Other package managers

    Here are other package managers:

    • Scoop users can use scoop install jcli

    See more about how to download jcli. You can find the download details from here.

    Get started

    Read the official document for more details on how to use jcli.

    Or, you can take a live interactive course of Jenkins CLI.


    Jenkins CLI could have more features by installing a plugin for it. You can install a plugin by the following command:

    jcli config plugin fetch
    jcli config plugin install account

    All official plugins could be found at here.


    If you're interested in this project. Please go through the contribution guide. Any contributions are welcome.

    Thanks to JetBrains for giving us the open source licence.

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