Taskbus(兔巴士) - 一个跨平台的多进程合作框架

    Taskbus - A cross platform multi-process cooperation framework


    什么是Taskbus/What is TaskBus

    Taskbus 是一种面向非专业开发者的跨平台多进程合作框架,具有进程切割、语言无关、编译器无关、架构无关四个特点。

    Taskbus is a cross-platform multi-process cooperation framework for non-professional developers, with four features of process based, language independent, compiler independent, and architecture Independent.


    The non-professional developer is a general concept that can be understood as a developer without specialized software engineering training. For example, the university's research team, which needs to develop its own small tools for algorithm validation, and to conduct data analysis in a field (chemical, mechanical, communications, electronics, etc.), requires a long-term team of engineers working on non-consumer tool software development.

    Taskbus 从感官上提供一种类似Simulink或GNU-Radio的模块化拖拽界面,可用于在通用计算机上实现准实时的处理逻辑。但是,从结构上,其与二者完全不同。Taskbus 对编译器、运行平台、开发语言不做要求。它通过定义一种功能发布与数据交换标准,提供一套进程管理平台,以便把不同语言开发的进程组合起来。

    Taskbus provides a modular drag-and-drop interface like Simulink or gnu-radio that can be used to implement (quasi-)real-time processing logic on a general-purpose computer. However, structurally, it is completely different from the two. It provides a process management platform by defining a feature release and data exchange standard to combine processes developed in different languages.

    Project Demo


    For detailed information, please follow this link.(Eng)


    Qt综合编程范例 Taskbus(兔巴士) - 一个跨平台的多进程合作框架 Taskbus - A cross platform multi-process cooperation framework



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