Tour of Heroes: Aqueduct

    This is the companion application for the official Aqueduct tutorial.

    It has been modified from the original AngularDart tutorial to make HTTP requests to the Aqueduct tutorial application running on your machine.

    To run this application:

    pub serve

    A Dockerfile and Kubernetes configuration file is available for deployment. To run on Google Cloud:

    pub build
    docker build -t<your-project-name>/tour-of-heroes:latest .
    gcloud docker -- push<your-project-name>/tour-of-heroes:latest
    kubectl apply -f k8s/

    This configuration file assumes your cluster has an nginx-ingress-controller. To run with Google Cloud Load Balancers, remove the "nginx" annotation from the Ingress resource.


    Forked from Modified version of AngularDart Tour of Heroes for use with Aqueduct tutorial.



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